Partners - TVEyes - Search Broadcast Television and Radio

The TVEyes partner program includes a number of strategic relationships:

  • Country Partners
  • Channel Partners
  • Technology Partners
  • Developer Partners

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Country Partners

Country partners utilize TVEyes technology to monitor local content for the TVEyes international network. In their use of TVEyes technology and services, partners act as both a content source and distribution channel, providing a key link with their knowledge of local markets.

Channel Partners

Channel partners have the right to resell TVEyes monitored content through their vertical channels. Leading content aggregators use TVEyes as a key source in the provision of news alerts and custom searches.

Technology Partners

TVEyes partners with technology companies providing products that can be incorporated into the TVEyes proprietary platform. TVEyes is always evaluating the leading edge and welcomes inquiries from companies involved in any aspect of monitoring; visual recognition, logo spotting, speech-to-text and language tools.

Developer Partners

The TVEyes developer program is a focused approach allowing 3rd party resellers to incorporate TVEyes systems and tools into their product.