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We Don’t Believe in Language Barriers

TV or Radio Content in Any Language or Dialect


English may be the language of global business, but for any organization doing business locally, language diversity is the rule, not the exception. More than four billion people communicate in a language other than English. Layer on top regional dialects and local accents, and the ability to monitor regional and local broadcasts becomes far more complex.

But why build it yourself, when TVEyes can build it for you?

We’re the only broadcast monitoring service with our own language foundry, TVEyes Language Technologies. By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with our large-vocabulary automatic speech-to-text technology, we can add new languages to our platform with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

For local media monitoring services, this means you can deliver broadcast content in your language accurately, at scale, and on budget. All in less than 90 days.

Delivering broadcast monitoring services to regional clients can feel like an insurmountable challenge. For many, it can be prohibitively expensive to capture video content and accurately transcribe local broadcasts in near real-time.


Unmatched Broadcast Monitoring Expertise
Since our founding in 1999, TVEyes has developed unparalleled expertise in capturing and delivering broadcast content and analytics to clients worldwide. As is the most powerful TV search engine anywhere, we offer unmatched local, US and international TV coverage.

Any Language, Dialect or Accent
We continuously leverage what we’ve learned from monitoring more than 2,000 television and radio stations in 16 languages around the world every day. Our capture technology ensures you won’t miss a segment. With our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, we can easily build language modules that are highly accurate in capturing nuances in dialect or accent.

Lightning Fast Turnaround
Our language foundry, TVEyes Language Technologies, has developed a large-vocabulary speech-to-text technology and combined it with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Our platform is designed to handle any language or dialect and deliver accurate transcripts of segments that make broadcast content more searchable and meaningful.

Scalable and Affordable
Building broadcast monitoring capabilities is a massive undertaking. Investments in video capture, speech-to-text technologies, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are very expensive. But with TVEyes, you can build your own language module at a fraction of the cost – enabling you to offer broadcast monitoring services quickly and efficiently in ever local market you serve.


Build language modules in any language, dialect or accent

Offer local language broadcast content in less than 90 days

Find TV and radio in your language

Deliver highly accurate broadcast monitoring results

Create affordable broadcast monitoring services for your market

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