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TVEyes is a leader in Small-Business Media Monitoring on G2

Save time and increase productivity by integrating customized broadcast search into your internal application or commercial product. TVEyes offers a variety of APIs designed to make video and audio, transcripts and data easily accessible from your platform. While we describe a few use cases below, the TVEyes sales team can help you select the best integration strategy for broadcast data. Whether it’s to further monetize your business model or properly inform a data-dependent application, TVEyes offers the most flexible broadcast API solutions in the industry.

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When you need to prove impact, this comprehensive search capability delivers. By combining raw transcripts and broadcast metadata from TVEyes Page Feed with internal or external data, PR and marketing professionals can gain a better understanding of how their campaigns are performing.

H O W   I T ’ S   U S E D

Consumer goods retailers demand strong results from their advertising, PR and marketing efforts. One-size-fits-all reports are insufficient because they can’t be easily combined with other data sets to show the true impact of broadcast coverage on company KPIs.

With the TVEyes Broadcast Data Feed API, market researchers can quickly draw correlations. By analyzing raw transcript data along with new revenues, they can assess the impact of product mentions on TV or radio on sales growth or other measures. If the impact is underwhelming, they can quickly correct course. But if results are great – they can take their victory lap.



Transcript “Pages” are easy to consume and easy to index

Flexible geographic coverage to suit your needs

Rapid delivery of broadcast transcripts (includes television and radio)

Robust set of available metadata packages

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When the subject of your story is interviewed on TV, you need to see it for yourself. Words alone won’t suffice. The TVEyes MediaView API is a skinnable video player that can be embedded into your platform.

H O W   I T ’ S   U S E D

Analysts, media critics and journalists researching a story need more insight than a video transcript can provide on its own. Tone, body language and voice inflections speak volumes. When the TVEyes MediaView API is embedded into their own platform, they can review actual broadcasts associated with search results, glean greater intelligence and produce sharper stories.



Allows keyword search and playback of broadcast coverage

Content available within minutes of airing and available for 30 days thereafter

Player controls allow the user to scrutinize on-screen content

Responsive and mobile-friendly

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