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Media Monitoring for Government Officials & Agencies

TVEyes helps government officials and press agents at all levels – local, regional, state, national and agencies – work more effectively with the media to advance the public good with our government agency media monitoring solutions.

TVEyes helps government officials and press agents to understand what’s driving public perception, develop more effective campaign strategies, and prepare more effectively for media appearances and journalists’ questions.

With TVEyes government agency broadcast media monitoring, governments and agencies can quickly respond to journalists and producers, track emerging issues, and create talking points that drive public support for initiatives.

“One of a Kind Software. TV Eyes is super easy to use. Once you use it for a while, it becomes easier and easier. There are plenty of tutorials but getting in there and pushing buttons is best! I really enjoy using power search as well as my filtered watch terms. I am able to edit down the list of stations and only focus on what’s being said about a certain topic in my area. For example, if I want to look at the ‘election’ I don’t have to look at the mentions across the nations, just my state.

Working in state government, we have pretty high security on emails and content of emails. No pictures, no downloadable content but text links are ok. With TV Eyes (unlike other services) I can write a title and use it as a link from TVEyes.”

Stephanie Robinson
*Communication Specialist at Office of Governor Jim Justice
*Media Director at Lost Valley Studios

Government Officials & Agencies Media Monitoring Delivers Meaningful And Actionable Insights

TVEyes has proven itself to be a time-saving and cost-effective asset by monitoring broadcast media in all 210 DMA’s simultaneously, showing clips that match keywords clients enter into TVEyes’ monitoring list, which clients can view from any computer, wherever they are in the world.

This level of insight and efficiency, allows government representatives like Mr. Guy, to focus more on his core job responsibilities.

Want to learn more about media monitoring for government officials and agencies, or a free trial of TVEyes? We offer free trials of TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite to qualified organizations. If you’d like to try TVEyes for yourself, please click the button below.


Set alerts on your schedule

Monitor mentions on TV and radio

Keep government officials & agencies informed

Prepare spokespeople for television and media interviews

Develop more effective media pitches

Understand public perception, develop more effective campaigns, and drive support for initiatives.

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