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Broadcast Monitoring Experts

The TVEyes Partner Program offers complete access to TV and radio data and content, best-in-class technologies and search solutions.  Our deep experience with API partners means you’ll receive premiere solutions from our broadcast experts.  Whether you’re a global media monitoring company or an ad monitoring platform, TVEyes strives for mutually beneficial relationships that drive toward shared success.

Our program includes strategic relationships tailored to your needs, including:

Country partners utilize TVEyes technology to monitor local content for the TVEyes international network. Partners also act as a sales channel, providing a key link with their knowledge of local markets.

Channel partners may resell TVEyes capabilities through their vertical channels. We seek active partners with complementary sales teams and market coverage for whom TVEyes can represent a valuable source of new revenues. We also will provide associations with special packages for their membership.

Our technology partners contribute best-in-class, leading-edge technologies to the TVEyes broadcast monitoring platform. If you are involved in any aspect of monitoring; visual recognition, logo spotting, speech-to-text and language tools, we want to hear from you.

The TVEyes developer program is a focused approach allowing third-party resellers to incorporate TVEyes systems and tools into their product. Leading aggregators use TVEyes as a key database to provide news alerts and custom searches. A fully documented API along with custom tailored support solutions makes it straightforward to integrate broadcast with your application.

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