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Public Information Officers, Police and Fire Departments, and School Districts

TVEyes helps public information officers, police and departments and school districts keep the public informed and deal more effectively with emergencies and crises.

TVEyes allows public information officers, police and fire departments, hospitals, and school districts to more effectively monitor broadcast.

Quickly respond to journalists and producers, correct misinformation before it spreads, and tamp down situations before they get out of control.


Monitor mentions on TV and radio

Track coverage of ongoing police investigations

Keep local leaders informed

Prepare spokespeople for television and media interviews

Develop more effective media pitches

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Learn why media monitoring is a must-have for PIOs.

PIO Playbook

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Stay on top of emerging issues, respond quickly to journalists, and manage crises more effectively.

Slide Deck: Influence Coverage with Broadcast Media Monitoring Informing, correcting and responding to the media is an important part of the Public Information Officer's job, but monitoring the news can be time-consuming. That's why organizations like the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Boynton Beach Police Department use media monitoring to track coverage, analyze transcripts for accuracy, share clips with colleagues and more. DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES Slide Case Study in Broadcast Media Monitoring: Sussex County, Delaware It’s highly important for state and county governments to monitor and respond effectively to news coverage and issues aired in broadcast media. Sussex County in southern Delaware is home to about 200,000 people, and relies on TVEyes to help it stay on top of coverage in local, regional and national media efficiently and economically. DOWNLOAD NOW
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