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Public Relations Agencies

TVEyes helps public relations agencies exceed the publicity expectations of clients and quickly prove the value of PR.

TVEyes’s search engine is expressly built for television and radio.

Quickly pinpoint your coverage, keep clients informed when they are on TV, and help agency teams conduct media research and prepare spokespeople for on-air interviews. TVEyes makes it easy to show ROI, report successes, and alert clients to new coverage.


Develop campaign strategy

Analyze clients’ coverage

Keep clients and agency teams informed

Prepare spokespeople for television and media interviews

Develop more effective media pitches

Monitor brand mentions on TV and radio

Be alerted on your schedule

Prove PR agency ROI

Win new business

Develop more effective publicity campaigns for clients, pinpoint and report TV and radio coverage quickly, and prove the ROI of your PR agency.

Slide 14 Ways Broadcast Media Monitoring Can Help You Grow and Improve Client Service. If your clients are on TV, or you are committed to getting them there, this playbook is for you. Covers research through to reporting. Also shows how to use Broadcast Monitoring to differentiate your agency during new business pitches. DOWNLOAD NOW