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Radio Broadcast Monitoring Service


Radio Monitoring Service

With our radio monitoring service, we’ll listen so you don’t have to. Our broadcast monitoring software suite keeps you on top of radio coverage no matter where it’s broadcast.

Our powerful tools help you discover and pinpoint the right radio clips easily, analyze the impact and report successes widely. Regardless of the station, channel or time, if your brand, product, service or keyword is mentioned on among the more than 1,000 radio stations we cover, we’ll find it and archive it for you.

How Our Radio Monitoring Service & Search Works

Keep organized as you search. Just click and save to Archive to review and share your radio clips at a later time.

Creating reports is powerfully simple. Click, add, annotate and edit. Add analysis and commentary. Share with executives, account teams and clients. See? You’re simply powerful.

No need to waste time downloading megabyte-heavy audio clips to your hard drive. Edit, annotate and store your radio media coverage right on TVEyes. And once you’ve saved any clips to Media Center, they remain available forever.

Put radio coverage in context. With listenership data and publicity value, you can show PR ROI and benchmark against the competitors. Paint a picture for executives and clients by displaying share of voice and geographic reach of coverage in charts and graphs.

Just one look. That’s all it takes to know if your brand’s coverage is off beat – or in tune with your talking points. Simply log into your dashboard to review monitor updates and relevant clips.

Set up multiple alerts to track coverage of brands or clients as it happens. Keep monitoring using the dashboard or have alerts emailed to you moments after broadcast.

With pioneering audio/video search and advanced speech-to-text technologies, our search engine is purpose-built for radio research. It will deliver the right coverage fast – whether you search using a simple keyword or complex logic.

Get a visual assessment of recent coverage. Media Snapshot enables you to compare what has been broadcast on all the channels TVEyes monitors simultaneously, so that you can determine what – if any – response is needed.


Set alerts on your schedule

Monitor mentions on radio

Keep clients, executives & agencies informed

Prepare spokespeople for radio interviews

Develop more effective media pitches

Understand public perception, develop more effective campaigns, and drive support for initiatives.

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