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Below you’ll find resources we hope will be of value as you consider media monitoring solutions. This page is regularly updated with new case studies, play books and other resources that will support decision-making as you select a media monitoring service. Please check back often.

Enhance Media Training with Broadcast Media Monitoring: Free Kit with Exclusive Video

Every good spokesperson knows that preparation is key to a great interview. Our media training kit helps you run sessions that integrate real TV and radio coverage into your training day.

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Checklist for Broadcast Media Monitoring: Helping you Choose the Right Broadcast Intelligence Provider

Just starting your search for a media monitor? There’s a lot to know and consider about these powerful systems. Our free and unbiased checklist covers the top 20 areas to consider when selecting a broadcast media monitoring solution. It’s yours for the asking!

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Crisis Management Playbook: Building the crisis-ready organization with broadcast media monitoring.

Crisis impacts corporations, governments, schools and non-profits nearly every day of the year. Most of these events make it onto local and regional TV and radio and many become national news as well. For many organizations it’s not if, but when you’ll be thrust into the news due to unforeseen circumstances. The question is, how will you prepare?

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Election Campaign Playbook: Helping your candidate win an election with broadcast media monitoring.

Playbook for national, state and local elections shows you how real-time broadcast intelligence can help you win the battle for media supremacy. The 24/7 news cycle can be your friend or Achille’s heel. With real-time TV monitoring, you can have a better prepared campaign and candidate – and a better chance of winning the election.

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Case Study in Broadcast Media Monitoring: Competitor Group Inc., Global Events Organizer

The public relations team at Competitor Group manages Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon events across the country and Europe. Its events draw tens of thousands of participants, global brands as sponsors, raise millions for charity and light-up local media with images of achievement, doing good and having fun with concerts at the conclusion of each event.

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Case Study in Broadcast Media Monitoring: Sussex County, Delaware

It’s highly important for state and county governments to monitor and respond effectively to news coverage and issues aired in broadcast media. Sussex County in southern Delaware is home to about 200,000 people, and relies on TVEyes to help it stay on top of coverage in local, regional and national media efficiently and economically.

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Case Study in Broadcast Media Monitoring: Fortune 500 Specialty Retailer

A national specialty retailer needs to monitor its brand in nearly every major metro area in the U.S., and enable local, regional and national spokespeople to respond appropriately. With TVEyes, it can instantly respond and manage its brand perceptions, as well as report in detail to all levels of management.

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