Media Monitoring Suite - TVEyes - Search Broadcast Television and Radio

Your Search Engine for TV and Radio in all 210 US TV Markets, plus Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

TVEyes makes TV and radio broadcasts searchable by keyword, phrase or topic – just as you would use a search engine for text. TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite is a subscription-based product used by PR professionals, Fortune 500 companies, Political Campaigns, Government Agencies, and anyone who needs to know what is being broadcast on TV and radio in real-time.

TVEyes is the only media monitoring company to deliver real-time TV and radio content on an international platform for a flat fee.

There are never any additional fees to access content on TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite.

Instant alerts are transmitted within seconds whenever a keyword of interest is broadcast — whether it happened in New York, London, Beijing, or Qatar

Managing Real-Time Information

The TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite (MMS) offers key features in the filtering and control of Broadcast Media.

Search (basic and complex)
Create reports and email to unlimited recipients
Chart & Graphical Analysis
Free download of clips
Play unlimited clips
Full length transcript text and unlimited transcripts
Archive Search
Real-time email alerts
Monitoring reports per hour or per day
Edit unlimited clips