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TVEyes News Monitoring: Unmatched local, U.S. & International TV & Radio Coverage

With TVEyes, you can be confident you can search everything broadcast – whether it’s local, U.S. or international news markets. We monitor more than 2,500 TV and radio stations, in 16 languages, around the world, all day, every day. And we’re always adding stations.

TVEyes covers the major news broadcasters in all 210 local markets. And with comprehensive coverage in Canada, UK, Australia and all around the world, you can be confident that if it airs on TV or Radio, we’ve got it. Oh and we’re capturing thousands of podcasts as well. So, if being able to search and monitor what’s being said on the news is important to you and your business, you need TVEyes. 

About Our News Monitoring Service

TVEyes news monitoring service gives you 24/7, real-time access to all the stories, every topic, each interview, whether it’s a small business owner or the President of the United States. There’s certainly no shortage of news stories these days, and you want to be sure to capture everything that’s relevant.

Don’t worry about having to set the DVR or attempt to find footage by searching the Internet. TVEyes has you covered. Focus on what’s important to you and your business – and we’ll handle the TV and Radio news monitoring. 

Local News Monitoring

Local news coverage of your business or client can be hard to find. But since local TV and radio is often the launching pad for emerging issues, you can’t afford to go without access to local clips – or to waste valuable time.

With TVEyes, you can easily discover and pinpoint relevant news and commentary, reach out to producers, and shift the conversation in your favor.


Find news coverage fast

Keep spokespeople informed

Respond within news cycle

Set alerts on your schedule

Monitor simple or complex terms

Filter by specific stations

See trends in coverage

Save clips for future analysis

Report coverage to stakeholders

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