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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TVEyes?
TVEyes is a global search engine for TV, radio and online video and audio. Accordingly, TVEyes provides a television and radio monitoring platform that enables its users to search, view, report on, analyze and archive U.S. (national and all 210 DMAs) and international audio and video content. TVEyes service is often used as a research tool by marketing professionals in PR, media communications and journalism.

How long has TVEyes been around?
TVEyes has been the leader in broadcast data search since 1999 and launched the first automated broadcast search engine and monitoring system.

How much does a subscription cost?
Send us a message and one of our reps will be in touch. Together, we’ll come up with a package that covers your media monitoring needs and fits your budget.

Can I buy an individual clip?
No, we do not sell individual clips; however, we do offer a OneMonthPass – so that you can access an account for 30 days including unlimited search and results. This may be of interest if you are looking for an ad hoc, as-needed subscription.

Do you monitor online video?
Yes, we do. In 2018 we added the ability to search among a selection of trending YouTube channels and videos. This feature will continue to be developed and enhanced.

Do you monitor podcasts?
Yes, we do. In 2018 we added the ability to search among a selection of the most popular podcasts. This feature will continue to be developed and enhanced.

What markets / geographies do you cover?
• U.S. – all 210 DMAs with more than 1,200 stations including all major network affiliates and national cable stations 
• United Kingdom – all terrestrial and satellite TV and radio broadcasters
• Other leading broadcast stations in the following global markets:

North America, Caribbean
United States


Europe, Middle East, Africa
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
South Africa

Asia Pacific
New Zealand

…and constantly expanding around the globe.

Is the video high quality?
Yes, video can be downloaded in high-quality formats (MP4 HQ and WMV).

Can I download and save the video and audio content?
Yes, with a TVEyes subscription, you have the ability to save your search results for future reference. 

Do I have to pay for each segment?
No, you do not have to pay for each segment. With a TVEyes subscription, you can search, view, save and share internally as many segments as desired.

Can I get mentions from the past?
Yes, transcripts are available for 90 days and video and audio are available for 30 days. Segments that you want to keep permanently can be saved to your account.

Can I get a trial or demo?
Absolutely! Call 203.254.3600 ext. 100 or request a custom demo online. You can also request a limited-time free trial here.


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