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Spotted: Your Brand or Logo on TV…
Here. And Here. And Over Here, Too.

Capture and Value Every Appearance of Your Ad or Logo


Logo Detection for TV Broadcasts

Your brand makes an impression. You know that. It brings in new business and solidifies loyalty. Instinctively, you know it carries greater weight than your competitor’s, but it can be challenging to quantify – or is it? With Visual Search Solutions, TVEyes can help you justify your marketing or sponsorship budget.

Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, TVEyes tracks the airwaves and alerts you to every appearance of your ad or logo on TV – even the moments you least expect. We can even tell you when it shares the screen with your competitor – and when it doesn’t.

Whether it’s prominently placed in an advertisement or a fleeting image in the distance, TVEyes’ logo detection can find your brand and provide the analytics you need to prove the ROI of your media and sponsorship budgets.


Continuously Monitor for Ads and Logos

Spot your logo anywhere it appears: On the scoreboard in the background as the pitchers begins his throwing motion or on a van passing behind a news reporter.

Prove the Value of Advertising and Sponsorship

Get detailed analytics about frequency, placement and prominence paired with advertising rates and audience demographics to understand the full value of planned and unexpected appearances.

Uncover Your Competition’s TV and Media Strategy

Benchmark your performance against your competition to inform strategy and impress your C-suite. By tagging competitors’ ads on TVEyes, YouTube or elsewhere, you can track their spend and identify new messaging. Get reports within a few minutes of airing, so you can pivot immediately, shift strategy and develop counter ads – especially valuable for political campaigns.

Logo Detection for Copyright Management

Monitor audio content for potential infringement of copyrighted music.


Know when your logo appears on television

Prove the value of sponsorships and branding efforts

Monitor for any appearance of your logo, even when it’s in the background

Track the appearance of competitors’ logos

Accurately estimate competitors’ advertising spend

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